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The early 90s is when it all began. My partner, Pia, lived and worked in Cannes at a very reputable interior design company and I had just arrived back from having lived for a while in England. I got a job working for the same company as Pia where we bonded both as colleagues and as friends.

Our friendship grew from strength to strength as we discovered our complimentary skills and passions. And after a year of working together,  but for somebody else, we decided to set up our own business and start a new adventure – a decision that neither one of us regrets over 20 odd years later! We were very young full of hope, energy and enthusiasm. With a fearless attitude (almost blind courage!) we bought our first shop on the corner of a carefully chosen square, just a short walk away from the Rue d’Antibes.

We now have, what we believe to be, the most beautiful interiors shop in Cannes, of course we are biased!

For the first 3 years it was just the two of us working 6 days a week without taking holidays, growing the business until we needed to take people on. More people meant we needed more space so we took on a second shop just next door and knocked through. For the next fifteen years this pattern continued until we  ended up with what we have now –  which is four shops side by side knocked through and an architect office across the road – plus eleven employees. We now have, what we believe to be, the most beautiful interiors shop in Cannes, of course we are biased!

All of this to say, we are naturally very proud of what we have created and we have now arrived at a new juncture on our adventure. We will very soon have a new design and architecture office on the Rue d’Antibes. This blog on our NEW website is the first of many where we will discuss our inspirations, the things that make us tick and anything else we consider worth sharing. We hope it will be a place where we can ‘flock together’ sharing ideas and inspiration with our friends and customers.

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Lots of love Geraldine and Pia xx

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